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Web resources: Creating a teaching portfolio

Creating a teaching portfolio

The final teaching portfolio component requires you to compile and finalize your teaching portfolio, which you may then use in the academic job market. As such, it is important to understand how to create a teaching portfolio and which documents are often included in teaching portfolios. The following resources have been provided to support your completion of the final teaching portfolio submission at the end of this unit.

Resource 1

The University of Saskatchewan provides a teaching portfolio resource in which they outline what a teaching portfolio is, and the benefits associated with creating one. The resource unpacks the importance and value of creating a teaching portfolio, namely to improve your teaching or advance your career.

Access the resource.

Resource 2

In their guide on teaching portfolios, Vanderbilt University provides general guidelines on how to create a teaching portfolio. This guide not only provides individuals with general information around why teaching portfolios are important, but also details which components should be included within an effective and comprehensive teaching portfolio.

Access the resource.

Resource 3

DePaul University has created a teaching guide for teaching portfolios, which explores the general guidelines that they have identified as being crucial to creating an effective teaching portfolio. They help individuals consider their audience and purpose, choose the right format, center their portfolio around their teaching philosophy, and curate the materials to be included in the final portfolio.

Access the resource.

Explore these resources to develop a more nuanced understanding of the value of a teaching portfolio and how best to create one that represents and encapsulates your experiences, skills, and goals as a teacher.

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