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Teaching Certification

Module 1: How knowledge is constructed

Discover how reading and knowledge are understood, constructed, and communicated across disciplines, and how various theories frame how best to support students in becoming proficient in their fields.

Module 2: How learning works

Explore key concepts, processes, and theories around memory, communication, comprehension, motivation, metacognition, and attention.

Module 3: Building rapport

Learn how to implement rapport building techniques in order to create a positive, supportive, and inclusive learning environment.

Module 4: Lesson planning and delivery

Explore how the backward design framework, traditional and non-traditional organizational teaching strategies (such as storytelling) can be used to plan and deliver an effective lesson.

Module 5: Engaging students

Learn how best to engage students by incorporating active learning methods in lesson planning.

Module 6: Course and assignment design

Discover the principles and tools needed to ensure effective, relevant, and comprehensive assignment and syllabus design.

Module 7: Using feedback to improve your teaching

Find out how to become a better teacher by incorporating feedback, as well as how to become a reflective practitioner.

Module 8: Teaching portfolio preparation

Explore the value of and processes involved in developing a teaching philosophy and creating a teaching portfolio.